Shadow of Tyr

Reyic Journal - Day 9

We are getting close now, I can feel it. Kla lead the way again. She is a quick learner, that is for certain. We are in a very rocky area again, a mix of sand dunes and vast obelisks of stone that protrude from the desert floor like ancient fingers of the earth, grasping the endless rivers of sand.

Had a good talk with Kla tonight as the others slept. I told her the origins of my people – a story that I realize I have not recorded yet in this journal. For the sake of my getting some sleep tonight I will give a very brief summary here.

Back in the days when the defilers first started to transform the world into this hell it has now become, there was a great war raging. My people were starving and weak, defenceless against the power of the defliers who swept across our nation, slaughtering those who stood against them and enslaving those who were too slow to run. Out of desperation, our leaders made a pact with some mighty, but terrible, dark power. A pact that would ensure our people’s survival. The cost can be seen in the colour of my flesh and eyes, the horns that protrude from my skull, and the nightmares that flow through my veins haunting my every waking hour. Once Men, we are now monsters of great power capable of the most terrible things imaginable, alive but living in the shackles of a debt whose only currency is blood. Even with the power of the infernal flowing through my viens, I know that I am only a shadow of what I might have been. I hope that one day I can remove the chains of my ancestry and finally be free, that one day I will shed this skin and these horns and become the person that I should always have been.

It will never happen. Why would I even write such things? Perhaps my children will be free of this debt, but not I. Not ever.

There was something I saw, just before dark, that set my mind in motion. A dark shape in the sky. I’m not sure the others saw it since the darkness was already blanketing the sky, but tomorrow I will lead us straight for it. It was hard to tell what it was, a bluff or smoke or something else, but it was the first thing I have seen that was high above the desert floor. Could it be the horn that threads the sky? I will find out tomorrow.



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