Shadow of Tyr

Reyic Journal - Day 7

Not a good day at all. Kla got an idea in her head that we should turn east and insisted that she knew where to go. For someone who spent her whole life in captivity she probably should leave the path-finding to someone more familiar with the desert. Myself for example. We argued at first, but finally I gave up. There’s no reasoning with her.

Spent the day walking with Lucian, trying not to think about the time that we’re losing. My rations are starting to become light and my water skin is quickly parching. Hopefully we run into a trade group soon, I think we could all use some more supplies. Lucian actually had some pretty interesting stories. Sounds like he even had an encounter with my old tribe at one point. Fortunately, for him, they don’t pick fights they can’t win – and 50 Thri Keen soldiers protecting some important person and their family is more than enough deterrent. The minotaur and monk seemed unaware that we were heading the wrong way – either that or they didn’t care. Heard Onk say something to the big, hairy guy, but Lucian was mid-sentence so i didn’t catch it. That throws the no-tongue theory out the window. Rhamon seemed to think it was funny, whatever it was that Onk said.

The going was difficult. Every twenty minutes or so Kla would stop and climb something to get a better view then start walking the same direction as before. The stop and go makes it difficult to find a good pace, but Lucian’s stories made it a little easier.

At the end of the day it was plain to everyone that we were heading the wrong way, even to Kla. She went to bed quickly and wordlessly. Perhaps I will take over again tomorrow. I am racking my brain trying to remember some story or some piece of history that might lead us closer, but the horn in the sky is still a puzzle. I will sleep on it and see how it feels in the morning.



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