Shadow of Tyr

Day 11 - The Crown Shard and Yarnath

Okay, a lot of shit just happened.

Though admittedly pissed off about ‘Z’ hiring another group to ride on our success and then take the crown for themselves, we all agreed that we’ve come too far to turn back now. We thought we were getting closer to the artifact we’ve been sent to find- the crown shard- but wanted to make sure we weren’t missing out on anything else, any other artifacts or “other old shit” as Rhamon so elegantly put it.

So we went into this room full of mold. By we, I mean they. I stood in the hallway keeping watch behind us for more unexpected visitors, and keeping a watch on my allies with my mind’s eye. There was a big pit in the middle of the room and we’ve had bad luck with pits and cauldrons, and other things we can be push, pulled, or thrown into. This was no different.

Lucien got away from the rest of the group and was pulverized by some mold spores that attacked the group while some massive mold arm thing wrapped around Rhamon and tried to drag him into the pit. Long story short, Rhamon ended up unconscious and dying in the pit, Lucian unconscious and dying next to the pit, and Onk unconscious and dying in the hallway leading out of the room. Fortunately for the rest of them, Kla and I were in top form and finished off the mold and spores. We have GOT to stop getting crushed like this every single fight. I mentioned that to the group that we need better tactics and need to think first before rushing in all the time. I couldn’t believe what happened next. They called me a coward. For standing in the back all the time. WHAT THE FUCK? Smarts does not a coward make. I stand at the back to save their asses again and again and they call me a coward? This job cannot be over soon enough.

So taking my advice to heart, perhaps overly so, we continued and ended up in a large room with lots of statues and fresh flowing water. I was so excited I stopped for a sip. I was so fresh and cold! Anyway, there was another pit in the middle of the room, and after the last battle, gave it a wide berth, moving in a close defensive formation around the edge of the room. Using my mind’s eye I saw that the crown shard was IN THE PIT! Rather than climbing down there, Lucien told us he could move it with his mind. A useful skill, indeed. Unfortunately, as soon as he touched it, a massive shadow creature appeared and a number of small floaty creatures with it.

Rhammon yelled “Little horns, fuck him in the mind.”

Guess what happened next? Lucien, Rhamon, and Kla all ended up in the fracking pit. I was so pissed off, I psychically grabbed the beast threw it about the room, killing one of the little floaties, and then sent IT falling into the pit. Rhammon liked that. Not that I could see, cause all the little floaties swarmed me. I killed all but one of the floaties and then Onk came and smashed the other one. Good times. By then the creature- Lucien kept calling it a “Dragon”, I wonder if that is similar to a Drake? – the creature was pretty hurt. It was easy enough to “fuck it in the mind”, so to speak, and finish it off. Rhammon got really, really angry that he couldn’t cut off it’s wings to make a cape – I guess it partially moved into another dimension, so Rhamon’s knives could only cut so far and he couldn’t tear them or anything. Too bad, I think Dragon wings would really add to his ensemble.

Then we had it! We were done. Everything but the journey home. However, on our way out we bumped into a group of elves with a pet lizard who each wore the brand of Yarnath the Skull on their foreheads. I was tired of having the shit kicked out of my party, so I quickly wove a story about how we were sucked into a desert twister and couldn’t get out, so ended up wandering through the halls here to try and find another way out; when the going got too rough, we turned back. They started asking a bunch of questions, but fortunately for me Lucien was quick with his silver tongue saying that we were security for a caravan that had gotten lost and then we had got sucked into the sandstorm. He put their fears at ease and Kla was quick to stomp on Rhammon’s foot anytime he tried to open his mouth.

Eventually they agreed to verify our story by sending half their numbers (and the dog-lizard) down the hallway. Then Rhammon slammed the doors shut and held them closed while we slaughtered the group that was meant to be guarding us. It worked out pretty well. When we were done we opened the doors and fought the remaining raiders. They were pretty slippery and I had to use my new tripping power to stop them from escaping. It felt nice to use it in a practical situation.

Once that was done, we decided to check another branch of the cave “for more old shit”, while Rhammon talked the whole time about eating that “dog”. Stupid. Us I mean, not Rhammon. There was a whole bunch of those little stone-walkers from when we first entered the cave and they rang a gong that summoned some river-creature to come and aid them. Lucien was cut off and they started to stab his unconscious body. Frakers. With Kla and Rhammon busy with the river creature, it was up to me and Onk to save Lucien. So I proved once and for all what I coward I am NOT. I rushed into the room drawing their focus from Lucien attacking anyone even remotely near him and yelling stuff that Rhammon would say like “over here you stone fucker” or “your mother was a pebble and shat you out”. That really got them going and they rushed me leaving Lucien alive. Onk and I had the fight of our lives until Rhammon and Kla were able to join in and help us out. Another close, close call there. To make matters worse, they had absolutely nothing of value. No “old shit” at all. Frak.

So exhausted, blood-covered, and limping, we left that back part of the cave and headed to the entrance. And what did we see? We saw Yarnath the Skull’s massive mobile fortess bearing down on us like a fraking castle on wheels. There’s was some argument on whether to hide, fight or run. Rhamon wanted to barricade us in the cave with dead bodies so that he could cook that lizard-dog and eat it and then rest for a few hours. I was all for that, if it meant staying to fight Yarnath. Unfortunately, Kla, Onk, and Lucien all wanted to run for it.

Then a strange thing happened, my tattoo began to ache again. Ache and then smoulder and then burn. An image of a man with a Lion’s aura came to me, and I could tell to Lucien and Rhamon as well. It was the Sorcerer King of Urik! He said “well done” and to bring him the crown “my servants” and that we would be rewarded. As much as I HATE those guys that tattooed me, I have to say it sounded like a really good idea. Plus a sorcerer king could pay us WAY better than that asshole ‘Z’. Frak that guy.

After some debate on whether to stay or go, and which direction to go, Lucien realized that he had the crown and so he just started to run for it with Kla and Onk following him. As much as I wanted to stay to face Yarnath, I’m no idiot. Facing him and his huge fortress and legion of minions by myself would be suicide. And I’m not quite ready to face my Masters yet. So I went with them, running through the desert. Some guys started chasing us, but the fortress proved less manoeuvrable and it came down to us running from a few raiders. We probably could have taken them if we weren’t already banged up to hell, so we just kept running. When it got dark we stopped to rest for the night.

It’s morning now and we’re about to set off across the salt flats. Hopefully we make it across before midday or we will fry. No sign of pursuit. We are heading north. Toward Urik. Toward our master.



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